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Network For The Sharing Of Approaches In Logistics And Transport

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About Us

network of lecturers

We are a network of lecturers and managers of university programs from Bulgaria, Germany and Romania, who have a common interest in learning through game approaches in business logistics and transport. There are people among us with different life experiences and academic achievements. There are traditionalists, there are enthusiastic supporters of new technologies. We are united in the idea of using open and online platforms and multidisciplinary learning, which enable more flexible learning and increasing the diversity of courses and promoting the digital competencies of teachers and students. We strive to address gaps and inconsistencies in skills by supporting new innovative pedagogical methods to develop curricula that meet students’ learning needs. We consider our participation in this project as an important part of our professional development too.


Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the quality, applicability and equal access to logistics and transport training by developing and sharing game approaches and good practices in logistics and transport training, as well as to disseminate innovative innovative ideas. Through this project, we offer our to contribution to building a common research network and strengthening links between universities within the EU.


Our Vision

Our vision is to support the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of higher education in Europe by introducing innovative approaches to logistics and transport education and training. It envisages strengthening internationalization and mobility, improving the links between education, research and innovation, in line with the challenges set out in the EU Higher Education Agenda, strengthening Europe’s identity through education and culture and the Digital Education Action Plan. In the near future we see the EU as the union that most encourages and benefits from innovative solutions, and the academic community as the incubator that develops and proposes these solutions.

Model For Training in Logistics and Supply Chains Through Gamification – M.Vodenicharova

Our Services

Experts In Every Subject

We offer everyone who has an interest in Gamification to become a member of our network and to contribute to the implementation of the Bologna principles and tools to promote mobility for all and the development of a successful European educational area. We offer a training program in business logistics and transport, which includes teachers from Bulgaria, Germany and Romania with an interdisciplinary nature and application of various methods for gamification. We are ready to share our experience and our scientific achievements with anyone who is looking for new opportunities to improve their skills in the face of increasing competition. On our page we offer free access to all the results of our efforts so far.

Training program in business logistics and transport

Teachers from Bulgaria, Germany and Romania

Improve your skills in the face of increasing competition

Free access to all resources


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Latest Events

Vanguard scientific instruments in management

Vanguard scientific instruments in management

The fourteenth installment of the conference "Vanguard scientific instruments in management" will be held from 10 to 14 September 2021 in Ravda, Bulgaria at the Black Sea Coast. Depending on the official Covid19 conditions, the conference might move to entirely online...

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Transnational Meeting

Transnational Meeting

Transnational Meeting 5 will take place on 12.10-15.10 in Romania, Bucharest, under the Erasmus + project, Key Activity 2: Strategic Partnerships on "Building an innovative network for sharing game approaches in logistics and transport training". The meeting will be...

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